7:00AM Branding Session

Cup-o-coffee, CHECK! Warm breakfast burrito, CHECK! Full tank of Blue Rhino, CHECK! Heavy duty welding gloves, CHECK! Branding iron, CHECK! A dozen plus bee boxes, CHECK!

Not unlike Lieutenant Colonel Bill Kilgore (Robert Duvall) from Apocalypse Now, we love the smell of burnt cedar in the morning! A very robust and distinct flavor. You cannot help but notice the smell and if you like camp fires, you’d definitely like this smokey scent.

Beyond the scent we like the look of the brands themselves. But it is really not just an aesthetic detail for The Bee Ranchers, it actually serves (2) very important roles for us:

ROLE #1 – We keep track of all the hives we sell and ranch. So with the individually unique numbering system we are able to keep our clients easily updated in our database and inform them of the services performed on the specific beehives. Think, if we just sold (4) non-descript, white beehives to a client, how could we clearly report on our maintenance services without unique identification? Each of our hives is individually branded, numbered and tracked for optimal service reporting.

ROLE #2 – Nobody likes a thief! And unfortunately, now-a-days we need to be especially vigilant. The theft of beehives in California (and across the Nation) has dramatically risen over the recent years. If you do not believe us, read for yourself (Beehive Thefts) Our hope is that with a unique brand burnt into our hives, we’ll reduce the risk of our/your hives being taken by nefarious apiarists.

Some more pics from our branding session this morning.

If you are ever interested in joining us for a branding session, drop us a line to let us know. All we ask is that you bring the breakfast burritos!

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