BUZZ on the Range

This section is dedicated to the great things our client’s have to say about the service and education we provide.


To all aspiring bee enthusiasts,

I have been working with Mike Vigo of The Bee Ranchers since fall of 2011. After 2 years of a futile attempt by another “ bee keeper “ I was introduced to Mike and the result was an exciting and immediate turnaround of growing positive momentum. His experience, knowledge and level of service takes this art to a fascinating and rewarding space for me. Nothing like enhancing your environment, watching the activity of the bees and harvesting your own honey !

For anyone interested in beekeeping at any level, please offer Mike any courtesies available and he will guide you from “ start to finish “ keeping you well informed along then way.

Sincere regards,

Chris Ettell


We met Mike Vigo a year ago and in what seemed like a few minutes, we were hooked on having our own hives. In fact, we now have 12 of them to produce Alameda Honey for our customers. We immediately began to place the hives on the roof of our building and in the yards of our neighbors, relatives and friends about the island. Mike was up for all of it. From the Veterinarian whose entire office of over 20 welcomed the bees on their roof, to the backyard of 94 year old Aunt Catherine, and the mystery writer/author Ely, an avid backyard farmer; the community embraced this project and Mike’s engaging manner.

As a natural foods store, we are keenly aware of the importance bees play in all of our lives, and wanted to do our part to help combat Colony Collapse disorder. We also view ourselves as being a place to build a community around sustainability, and where we can educate our customers. Bringing someone like Mike in allowed us to share with our community a man who could teach others in a professional and charismatic way, who is passionate about mindful, meaningful work and who can enlighten others about this fascinating and ancient art.

From the beautiful hives with copper-like roofs, to harvesting the honey, Mike has brought us through one of the most rewarding, fun and community-building experiences ever. We watched our hives accept their queens, flourish, some exploded with activity, others struggled, but all produced and fascinated. We bottled and sold their honey to customers who have loved the story and the learning, and the honey, along with us.

And at the end of the year, when the queens did not all make the hives ready for winter, we commiserated with Mike over their losses. We are inspired by this walk with nature at it’s finest and some of it’s devastating moments to begin again another year. None of this would have been as wonderful, without Mike as our master Beekeeper, mentor and friend.

We believe there is a greater purpose for all of us in dedicating ourselves to continuing to learn from this experience.

So, bring on the bees Mike, we stand ready to engage again.

And folks, call Mike. We can think of no one who will make this experience as rich as the Bee Ranchers, Mike and his daughters.

Donna Layburn
Alameda Natural Grocery


4 thoughts on “BUZZ on the Range

  1. So impressed and proud of you and family! You have come a long way and it was worth it! Love this website..

  2. Go Vigo,Go! Mike found my first swarm of bees on the bumper of a car in a hotel parking lot in Walnut Creek. He delivered them to my house, dumped them into the hive, and they produced 98 jars of honey in the first harvest! Now that’s efficiency. Looking forward to my getting started again this spring! Thanks Mike.


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