Bee Benefits

The benefits of honeybees are many and significant!

Here are just a few to start with:

Vibrant and plentiful landscape
No doubt, that having a yard or garden that is buzzing with our busy honeybee friends increases pollination which can make for more flowers and higher yields on fruiting trees and vegetables. Much of the beauty in our yards can be chalked up to the hard and focused work of honeybees.

Plenty for us all to eat
Without honeybees, our local markets, grocery stores and farmers markets would be a very different looking experience. Honeybees pollinate 1 out 3 foods we eat. Without them we simply could not sustain the wide variety and amount of produce grown we all love and appreciate on a daily basis.

Tasty and local honey
Humans have been eating honey for thousands of years (Cave paintings to prove it) so you know it has got to be good!

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