About the Ranchers

Who are the Bee Ranchers you might ask?

Mike Vigo, Ranch Foreman, originally became interested in beekeeping after his daughters joined a beekeeping project in their local 4H chapter.  To this day, beekeeping has been a family affair and his daughters remain active in 4H and in beekeeping by capturing swarms, tending to their hives, and, of course, harvesting their honey! His daughters (the Ranch Hands) help out with The Bee Ranchers when they are not busy with school, sports and friends.

Mike runs the Bee Ranchers out of his workshop and technically right out of his honey colored pick-up truck that traverses the entire Bay Area servicing client hives. If you happen to see his truck on the road, give Mike a “honk” or two and I’m sure he’ll wave hello!

Mike and his eager Ranch Hands never miss the opportunity to spread the “good word” about the benefits of honeybees and the fine art of bee keeping. In fact, whenever given the opportunity to speak to a captured audience of second graders, garden enthusiasts or nuclear physicists, they’ll always take the time to educate those who have interest in gaining a better understanding of why honeybees are so important to our modern lives. So if you have a group of folks or an organization that is interested in learning more about honeybees, send Mike and his Ranch Hands an email and I’m sure they’ll arrange to come over talk your ear/s off!


7 thoughts on “About the Ranchers

  1. Mike Vigo I got your companies name from a friend of mine. Ms. Sherrie Gregory at 1439 Toyon Drive Concord. I to live in Concord on Cowell Road. My family and I rent this house from a friend of mine. There is an in-law unit on the property and it has what we think to be a big hive in the wall of the bathroom in the in-law unit with some dead bees on the window sill along with some very active bees. I was wondering if you could come by sometime and check it out. We do not want to kill the bees, we want them relocated. Is that a possibility? Do you provide that service and at what cost. Please email me back and I really hope to hear from you.

    Thank you,
    Cheryl Jagger

    • Cheryl thanks for contacting us! Mike has been informed of your inquiry and I’m sure he will contact you shortly. Appreciate the effort of you wanting them relocated rather than eradicated. Tis the season – lots of swarm and relocation calls as of late.

      • Mike,
        This is Sheryl Tealdi in San Mateo… Thank you so much for contacting Tim for our bee mess! You’re tops and so is Tim. Again, many thanks,

  2. Mike-
    LOPC Men’s Breakfast welcomes you as our speaker on September 26, 2012 at 7AM. We all look forward to your talk/presentation.
    Bob Marshall

    • Bob, thanks so much for having me. I too, look forward to meeting with you all and sharing some of the Bee Ranchers’ knowledge about honeybees, how to take care of them and the hives they live in.

      See you in the AM.


    • Kyle,

      Yes, I do, however, I am currently sold out for the season and won’t have any until June or so, depending on Mother Nature. McDonnell’s Nursery in Orinda might still have some jars left.


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