Bees “Across the Pond”

The Honey Club is a great organization located in the UK.

When first getting involved with The Bee Ranchers I did a lot of research on other companies and organizations that were similarly looking to help the honeybee population. Of course I started really looking locally/regionally. In doing so, it was not too difficult to stumble upon other organizations outside our region, across the United States and even within other countries and different continents.

One in particular that caught my eye was The Honey Club. An organization that summarizes it’s agenda as follows:

The Honey Club is a social enterprise that aims to create the biggest bee-friendly network in the world, starting with our local community in Kings Cross, London. Our mission is to save bees, learn more and give back.

We like the sound of that and based upon their blog, looks like they are up to some interesting things over there – plus they are based out of a kick-arse design firm Wolff Olins. Give them 5 minutes of your time and learn how they are making a sincere effort to better support honeybees “across the pond”.

We’ll be sending them a hello and thanks for their efforts which in turn, will hopefully show them that their message and network is growing globally!

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