The Queen

A recent repost from our Facebook page.

Ranch Foreman snapped this shot while checking one of our client’s new hives. There are a lot of bees in this shot but one is not quite like the others! Can you find her – the Queen? Drop us a line with your guess. We might even give something away to the first person who guesses correctly! Who is it gonna bee?

5 thoughts on “The Queen

    • Trish I believe you are on to something here and I am almost ready to classify you as the winner! Why not send us a pic from a mobile phone (if you have one) with your finger pointing to the Queen? You can send the pic to dak_1971(at)yahoo(dot)com. Let me know if that is possible. And of course, thanks for playing!

      • Pic sent. I cropped it down to focus on her Majesty.

        Thanks for your good work

      • Trish I got it and will post it for all to see that you truly have a good eye for her majesty! So you are officially THE WINNER!!! I spoke with Mike tonight and we are coordinating what your prize will be. Rest assured it should be something worth your effort! Thank you for your support and kind words. Expect an e-mail from me in the next week.

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