What the heck is beetography you ask?

Technically it is a made up word but an oh-so perfect new word to describe our love of bee photographs. And what not a better way to celebrate this new classification of photography than to focus on one of our favorite beetographers, JP Lowery.

JP is an old friend of ours who hails from northern climes and has a knack for shooting very small critters in and around his garden. Fortunately for all of us some of those small critters are honeybees. The following photos are just a few of JP’s great shots. Can’t unleash the whole folio of images he has given us, we’ll post them from time to time for some great eye candy. Thanks again JP!

Would you consider yourself a beetographer? Are you interested in showcasing some of your shots on our site? Just ping me and I’m sure we can arrange to make you famous! We’d enjoy seeing the images people are capturing out there.

3 thoughts on “Beetography

  1. The photography so far has been splendid! While I cannot easily photograph while dressed for the bees, I know there are other opportunities. When I capture them, I’d like to share them.

    • 4TF – We’d love to see what you have and share your images with our community. You can send them to me directly at the following e-mail address: dak_1971(at)yahoo(dot)com

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