The Hive Diary / PART 1

Brand Foreman gets a hive!

I’m excited to announce that I officially have a hive in my backyard. Hive #001 to be exact (by request). Mike (The Bee Rancher) and Ranch Hand Morgan came by last weekend to set it up. A true family affair.

Full disclosure. I’ve never owned a beehive before but have been around them from time to time at Mike’s house. It was great watching and documenting the whole affair. I’m excited to add this new facet to my backyard ecosystem/landscape. Now I should also mention that what I actually have is an empty beehive. The bees do not arrive until mid-April. Yeah, a little anti-climatic but in reality it is actually a good thing as it gives me time to acclimate to the location I have chosen for the hive.

The location of the hive (X marks the spot) is something Mike and I discussed in some detail. There are some key factors in choosing the right location. Ideally an area that gets a good amount of morning light. Certainly a location that is a fair distance from high traffic areas. And a location that is reasonably accessible as the hive will need to be tended to as Mike performs his care and maintenance.

I think we found a great location that fits all those parameters perfectly. My location highlights the hive in my backyard and may very well serve as a focal point. There certainly are other areas that would be suitable but less visible. As you’ve probably seen, these hives are beautiful, so I want to be looking at mine on a daily basis.

Plus Mike tells me there is nothing better than kicking back near the hive after work, cracking a beer and watching the honeybees wind down their day as well. Can’t wait. The beer is chilling in the fridge, now all I need are the Honeybees!

Some additional pictures of the hive installation below.

4 thoughts on “The Hive Diary / PART 1

  1. Turn the hive 90 degrees so the entrance is facing striaight out and you will be able to stand or put chairs on either side of it.

    • Bill, thanks for the input. We always appreciate when people take the time to comment and share information. We were thinking of keeping the entry to the right so as to possibly keep the flight path of the bees from coming right through the small patio/path area I have back there. It is not our GOTO spot in the yard but I do spend some quality time there when the weather gets nice. So hopefully we’ll get the best of both worlds, the ability to watch the bees go in and out of the hive from the side without them cruising through our seating area.

      Thanks again and keep the comments coming!

  2. I agree with Bill. I understand your concerns but facing it that way parallel to the fence will not guarantee the flight path. The bees know best and will orient their paths to the ‘beeline’ communicated by the scouts to nectar, pollen and water. You cannot dictate it. Were it me I’d reorient the hive as well for maximum viewing pleasure with a cold one cracked open.
    Cheers and much luck and good will to your new venture in beeking.

    • Kevin, it has been interesting to watch the path take hold over the past week now that the bees are hived. You are absolutely right about not predicting it – they’ve determined the best path. I still think it is positioned right for my needs and they seem to come back to the hive from various directions. So cool to just hang and watch them do their thing!!! Thanks.

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